Bu makalemde sizlere ingilizce birkaç bilgi sunmak istedim. Niye ingilizce? Diyeceksiniz. Çünkü öyle yazdım :D. Saçma ama öyle… Konu akne(acne)ler ve buna uygun tedavi ürünleri.

This site is designed to provide acne sufferers the clear and practical information and review of best acne products available on the market today.

Knowing your skin type is the first step in choosing the proper acne treatment. However, determining the exact skin type sometimes becomes debatable as many feel that they are always dry while others may find their skin too oily.

It is essential to know that there are pores all over the face that can be overactive at some places while calm at others. The pores contain sebaceous glands that secrete oil. The amount of oil secretion is the factor that is responsible in finding out the skin type. However, the skin also reacts to various environment and weather conditions and becomes both oily and dry according to the weather or place. The best time to determine the type of skin is early morning when the skin is in its natural state.

Acne Treatment for Dry Skin


Hardly any visible pores or breakout. Skin looks matte due to the dry effect and the dead cells that have accumulated. Discoloration of the skin is mild and the skin appears darker as the brown cell of skin pile up making the complexion dark and uneven. A dry skin appears to be wrinkled as they lack in moisture. Regular application of thick moisturizer is essential for this skin type. The skin starts itching after washing with cleanser as it becomes drier.


Acne Treatment for Normal / Combination Skin


The pores are of different size and are more prominent on the tip and side of the nose, forehead, cheeks and sometimes chin. These areas are called the oily zones which a person with a normal / combination skin has. Generally, the forehead and the nose (also called as the T-zone) oily and are prone to breakouts. A normal / combination skin is a no fuss and is suitable for all types of skin products.


Acne Treatment for Oily Skin


Your skin feels oily on touching it and shines all the time. There are many bumps here and there. Open pores are visible on the skin and look prominent at many places. An oily skin sweats out often and is prone to acne. Break outs on the skin maybe mild or severe which is accompanied by discoloration of the skin and many dark spots or scars on skin. An oily skin does not need any moisturizer and feels moisturized even after washing it with cleanser.


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